Calcium anti-wrinkle cream
Calcium anti-wrinkle cream


156 | 50ml

Due to its structure rich in oils of natural origin (soybeans, squalane, olives, calendula, shea butter, wax) and wisely selected active ingredients, the cream can compensate for the reduction of lipid in the skin, and Reduces skin firmness after 40 years of age

Unique and original formula

100% natural clay + CobioDifender EMR

Urban pollution protection

Direction for use

Function: Facial care, anti-wrinkle

age:0+ 25+ 30+ 35+ 45+ 55+

Skin type: Sensitive skin



Active ingredients

The marine extracts CobioDefender EMR and Sepitonic M4 complex prove that Clay's detoxification and mineralization are related to cellular metabolic anti-stress and mental enhancement functions.

Hyaluronic acid liposomes bring the effect of hyaluronic acid, which is absorbed into the skin and fills wrinkles from the inside.

Due to the adverse effects of pollution and ultraviolet radiation, rice oil, ferulic acid, and vitamins A and E help fight the skin aging process.

Directions for use

Use morning and evening on previously cleaned skin.