Self-tanning cream
Self-tanning cream
Gerovital Sun


4619 | 150ml

By applying it repeatedly, the cream ensures that you can tan without sunlight. Due to its moisturizing, antioxidant and emollient effects, it can also be used to enhance tan and skin care after sun exposure. Contains cocoa butter, marigold oil and vitamin E. The relevant nacreous pigments can illuminate the skin and highlight the tan.

Direction for use

Role: Body care



Active ingredients

Directions for use

Apply an even layer on clean skin (exfoliate in advance to avoid spots) and spread by slow massage.

Avoid contact with eyes, lips and mucous membranes (oral mucosa, skin lesions).

Wash hands or wear gloves after use.

Avoid contact with clothing until fully absorbed.

After using this product, please do not wash and swim in less than an hour. Use the product regularly to maintain color.

Does not contain sun protection factor.