Beauty care kit
Beauty care kit
Gerovital Stop Acnee


4185 | 150ml 50ml 15ml

Contains 3 products, which are very important for cleaning and treating acne-prone skin:

Purifying foam gel-for daily cleaning

Sebum control cream gel – daily maintenance during the action phase

Super active cream-concentrated formula is strictly applied to areas with special problems

Direction for use

Function: Facial treatment, anti-acne treatment

age: 20+ 25+ 30+ 35+ 45+ 55+

Skin type: Combination skin, oily skin, acne skin



Active ingredients

Purifying foam gel

Cleanse and release pores by exfoliating salicylic acid.

Sebum Control Cream Gel

Contains Sebaryl, a natural astringent that regulates sebum secretion and has a matting effect.

Super active cream

Contains salicylic acid.

Directions for use

Purifying foam gel

Use regularly in the morning and evening. Apply a small amount to wet face, avoiding the eyes and mouth area. Massage gently until foam forms, then remove it with plenty of water.

Sebum Control Cream Gel

After cleaning with a cleansing foam gel in advance, use it every morning and evening. Apply on the face and gently massage until completely absorbed into the skin.

Super active cream

After cleaning with a cleansing foam gel in advance, apply it to the affected area in the morning and evening. Do not use it for people who are allergic to aspirin.