Anti-wrinkle cream Microbiom Protect SPF15
Anti-wrinkle cream Microbiom Protect SPF15
Gerovital plant


187 | 50ml

This cream is suitable for normal to dry skin and prevents photoaging.

Multiple protection

Poliplant Microbiom Protect, Sepilift DPHP, Liposome Vitamin C, Vitamin A

91% natural ingredients

Normal skin

Direction for use

Function: Facial care, anti-wrinkle

age:0+ 25+ 30+ 35+ 45+ 55+

Skin type: normal skin



Active ingredients

Sepilift DPHP is a natural source of hydroxyproline, which can initiate and maintain the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers. Due to its anti-wrinkle effect, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced. The skin becomes fresher and more elastic, enhancing its supporting function.

Liposomal vitamin C and Sepilift DPHP synergistically produce collagen fibers. Due to its powerful antioxidant effect, it is used in combination with vitamin A to protect existing and newly formed protein fibers from oxidative stress.

The Poliplant Microbiom Protect complex restores the balance of the skin’s microbiome while respecting the unique identity and main protective functions. Therefore, the skin is healthier, less reactive and able to regenerate better.

Directions for use

Apply to face, neck and neck every day, gently massage until fully absorbed.