Anti-wrinkle eye cream
Anti-wrinkle eye cream
Gerovital H3 retinol


287 | 15ml

It is a cream that cares for the sensitive areas around the eyes, which easily form wrinkles.

It contains retinol adjusted in the form of 'retinol molecular film', which can deliver pure and stable retinol to the skin and increase the depth of penetration into the dermis.

Direction for use

Role: facial care
Anti-wrinkle age:20+ 25+ 30+ 35+ 45+ 55+

Skin type: All skin types



Active ingredients

Because retinol can accelerate the enzymatic process and cell division, the skin becomes more capable of regenerating itself from within.

Sepilift, vitamins A and E enhance wrinkle reduction, skin elasticity and firmness, and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

Boswellia serrata extract has a soothing, anti-irritant effect and ensures additional protection for this particularly sensitive area.

Directions for use

Apply to the area around the eyes every day.