Sebum Repair Shampoo
Sebum Repair Shampoo
Gerovital H3 Derma+


396 | 200ml

This shampoo is specially made for sensitive scalp. The shampoo contains high content of clay, which can help revitalize the hair. The shampoo ensures proper removal of oil from the hair.


Free of parabens, soaps, dyes, SLS, LES.

Tested by dermatology.

Direction for use



Active ingredients

In addition to clay, the shampoo contains amino acids, sulfated peptides and zinc salts, which play a role in regulating and reducing the excessive secretion of sebaceous glands.

Vitamin complex (B3, B7, provitamin B5) and caffeine inhibit fat production.

Plant-derived steroid isoflavones (licorice) have anti-inflammatory effects, which is a very important aspect considering the fact that oily scalp is prone to irritation and inflammation.

Panthenol and Aquaxyl can hydrate the scalp, prevent water loss, and greatly improve the resistance of the hair to external factors.

Directions for use

The shampoo is suitable for wet hair. Massage thoroughly at the level of the scalp and along the hair dry area, and wash it off after 1-2 minutes.