Enzyme scrub
Enzyme scrub
Gerovital Equilibrium


1250 | 500ml

The product benefits from innovative enzyme encapsulation technology, which makes them active only when applied to the skin.

Direction for use

The hydrated microcapsules containing papain isolate the papain from the rest of the formula, ensuring its release remains fresh and has complete activity when in contact with the skin. When massaging the cream on the skin, the microspheres will rupture and immediately release active papain, destroy impurities, toxins, dead cells and cleanse the skin deeply. In this way, the skin is fully prepared for the application of anti-cellulite treatment, and the combined active ingredients are more easily absorbed by chemical peeling.

Lipomoist 2036 is a complex of amino acids and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, which has the effect of increasing skin hydration and firmness.



Apply a suitable layer and massage for 5-10 minutes until fully absorbed. If necessary, remove excess.

Active ingredients

Directions for use