Whitening Serum
Whitening Serum
Gerovital Luxury


588 | 15 meters

Gerovital Luxury – Increases cell life by infusing skin with youth and beauty.

This product has a powerful effect, suitable for people with different ages to have pigment spots, irregular colors and freckles.

Dermatologically tested

Direction for use

Role: facial care, special care

age:20+ 25+ 30+ 35+ 45+ 55+

Skin type: Defective skin



Gerovital Luxury is based on the latest breakthrough in regenerative avant-garde medicine, and its ingredients can rejuvenate young proteins and extend cell life. The product is complex, highly concentrated, has clinically proven efficiency, and has visible, long-lasting benefits.

Active ingredients

It contains ingredients known for the effect of skin discoloration:

Alpha arbutin, an ingredient that inhibits tyrosinase;

Nicotinamide and liposomes have the antioxidant and whitening effects of vitamin C;

DermaPep™UL is a multifunctional peptide complex for whitening;

Neurophroline™ is an innovative ingredient obtained using green technology and has a positive effect on skin color and brightness.

Directions for use

2 times a day, at least 2 months, for pigmented areas.

During the day, this serum must be used compulsorily for cosmetic treatment and associated with sunscreen products and, if necessary, soothing products. Effective UV protection should be provided, and it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and the use of potentially allergic products during the entire use process.


Tight, bright skin without pigment spots.