In 2019, Farmec has invested more than 2 million Euro in the modernization of the production line

Farmec, the largest cosmetic manufacturer with a 100% Romanian capital, continues to invest in the modernization of the equipment and the production lines, constantly preparing the plant for the development of the multi-brand portfolio, one of the most elaborated on the specific local market. 

In 2019, Farmec has allocated over 2 million Euro to the modernization of the production processes, it is planning to open new brand stores and to develop its own distribution network to guarantee high quality products, as well as to facilitate access to them, by the efficiency of the entire process.

“In order to offer its Romanian consumers cosmetic products that are able to compete with and to exceed foreign brands, Farmec is constantly investing in the expansion of its product portfolio and in the opening of new sales and distribution units. Innovation, efficiency and quality are at the core of every development strategy, and these are the very values that characterize the Farmec business. In 2019, guided by our commitment to manufacturing extraordinary cosmetics that are made in Romania, we have allocated a budget of more than 2 million Euro to retrofitting the manufacturing processes to increase work productivity. We will also develop our own distribution network, so we can have the best coverage nationwide and reach new performance standards on the Romanian market and beyond”, said Mircea Stanceanu, Farmec’s Finance Manager. 

Over the years, Farmec has constantly invested in retrofitting and modernization of the manufacturing processes, such as: the automatic packaging line with a robotic system, a new labeling technology, modern palletizing systems, new mixers and other equipment guaranteeing the efficient operation of the Cluj factory, as well as the manufacture of high quality products. 

These annual investments have led to the launch of new ranges of products and to the updating of current ones on the market, by introducing innovative formulas in the field of regenerative medicine, such as: Gerovital Luxury, Gerovital H3 Derma+ and Premium Care or Aslavital. Farmec is one of the few Romanian companies to offer a broad portfolio of multi-brand products, tailored according to the needs and wants of the today’s consumers. 

Each year, Farmec launches and modernizes about 100 products, and the total production capacity is of 27 million products. The technologies integrated by Farmec during the last years contribute to the success of the cosmetics that are made in Romania, appreciated both in the country and abroad.

In addition, Farmec is pursuing plans to open new stores aiming at a closer connection with the consumers across the country. Currently, Farmec’s store network includes 8 Farmec stores and 19 Gerovital stores, and the company plans to open 4 more stores by the end of this year.

Also this year, the Cluj-based manufacturer will modernize its auto fleet, a much needed step to streamline product distribution in its own stores and with its partner retailers.

In 2019, Farmec has invested more than 2 million Euro in the modernization of the production line