Farmec launches franchising. The first store was opened in Bacau

Farmec, Romania’s largest cosmetics manufacturer, takes another step in its successful history by officially launching the franchise system for the Gerovital stores. The announcement was made at a press conference attended by representatives of the company’s management.

Farmec’s expansion strategy by franchising stems from the yearly business growth, the sales recorded by the brand’s store network over the last three years and the large number of consumer inquiries regarding the opening of new stores. Thus, after almost a year of preparation, Farmec brings on the market a business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking for an internationally renowned company in the field of high quality cosmetics. 

The first Gerovital franchise store was opened in Bacau, yesterday, June 11. The investment decision was made for several reasons: “The Gerovital and Farmec products have gained my trust for years and I have become a loyal consumer. When I learned that it was possible to collaborate with Farmec in a franchise system, I felt happy I was able to become a business partner by opening my own cosmetics store under the aegis of a very powerful manufacturer, whose vision I totally share. My expectations were confirmed, as I have received support when choosing the location, with the feasibility studies, the employee training, the store opening and throughout the entire communication plan “, said Gabriela Hâncu, franchisee.

“We are pleased to announce that we opened the first franchise brand store. Farmec is a successful Romanian business model and we now wish it represent a business opportunity for other entrepreneurs or for those who dream to become entrepreneurs. From the beginning, we are encouraging and supporting investors to prove courage and determination so that their business develops as well as possible, given the enormous potential of the brand, as well as the demand on the market. For many companies similar to Farmec, franchising is a strategy for rapid expansion, but, to us, it represents the perfect opportunity of laying the foundations of a strong entrepreneurial culture alongside our franchisees, encouraging them to start a Romanian business, defined by values such as innovation, quality, efficiency and tradition” said Mircea Turdean, General Manager of Farmec.

 “Farmec has always been focused on what the Romanian consumers want. The ambitious projects, a continuous research at the core of each product and a concern on natural beauty have allowed us to maintain our position as the leading producer of cosmetics in Romania; the upward sales trend is the proof for the confidence in the company and its products. Compared to the entrepreneurs starting a business from scratch, the franchisees benefit from a portfolio of famous products, very well known to the public. They can enter a competitive market using Farmec’s marketing techniques, perfected over the decades. Basically, they have all the necessary know-how at their disposal, as well as the opportunity to develop faster“, said Tudor David, Marketing Director of Farmec.

 “The franchise market is growing, supported by an economical growth, purchasing power and consumer trends. Lately, the entrepreneurs’ desire to be associated with powerful Romanian brands, able to compete with international products, has become more and more obvious. Farmec aims at team partners interested in the cosmetics industry, who understand our company’s values and mission and who actively contribute to the evolution of Gerovital“, said Mircea Coman, Business Development Manager at Farmec.

 To be a part of the Farmec family, the future franchise partners should possess an entrepreneurial spirit and a budget of around 50,000 Euro, of which more than half shall be allocated to the setting up of the Gerovital store.

Farmec offers each franchisee a complete set of know-how: from guidance and support with the store opening, to sales techniques, periodical training on customer relation programs, as well as trainings on current or newly launched products. 

For more information, please contact franciza@farmec.ro. 

In addition to franchising, Farmec also continues to develop its own brand stores. A new Gerovital store was opened in Baneasa Shopping City on June 12 – the 20th Gerovital store in the country and the 27th in the Farmec distribution network. 

Farmec launches franchising. The first store was opened in Bacau