Farmec relaunches Gerovital Plant –the new range contains natural ingredients and it provides a natu

Farmec, the largest Romanian cosmetic manufacturer, relaunches the successful Gerovital Plant range in a modernized version, with an improved formula, design and functions. The new Gerovital Plant range offers a variety of cosmetic products conceived for daily skin care, based on more than 91% natural ingredients providing a natural microbial protection and multiple benefits for normal and combination skin.

The Gerovital specialists have developed products that are tailored to a comprehensive care program thanks to many Gerovital Plant benefits, especially for consumers who are after both skin cleansing, hydration and oxygenation, as well as wrinkle reduction, skin regeneration and boosting and improving its brightness.

“Gerovital Plant is a range with a more than 30 year history on the local market, that has constantly enjoyed the consumers’ appreciation, thanks to the numerous modernizations that have followed the international consumption trends, as well as our consumers’ needs and the values we believe in, especially combining tradition with innovation. Therefore, we relaunched the Gerovital Plant range, a leading line of the Gerovital brand portfolio, in a new and original formula. We are proud to announce that our first preservative-free range now contains more than 91% natural ingredients, ensuring a natural microbial protection. The last modernization stage took place in 2016 and it earned us the merit of the most popular range, an award that reinforced the fact that Gerovital represents Romanian excellency in cosmetics. We are sure that, in this new version, the range shall be even more appreciated on the market, due to the benefit that differentiate it on the segment – ensuring the natural balance of skin microbiome, by respecting its unique identity” , said Claudia Pălăcian, Product Manager.

The position of the range on the natural cosmetic segment is reflected by the integration of optimally dosed natural ingredients and by their synergistic action.

The innovation introduced by the new Gerovital Plant range is the Poliplant Microbiome Protect Complex, a complex composed of Equibiome (a standardized extract of young Great burdock root) and a natural complex of plants from the local flora, that reduces skin’s reactivity and inflammatory processes, while protecting the Microbiome – made up of the good and bad bacteria from the skin surface – it is unique and specific to each individual and essential to the proper metabolic function of the skin. The microbiome balance plays a role in increasing immunity and it protects the body against harmful bacteria; the skin is thus healthier and able to regenerate itself.

For cleansing, Gerovital Plant offers the Micellar water, which fights the skin’s microbial imbalance, and the Cleansing fluid, which stimulates microcirculation and purifies the complexion, removing the waterproof makeup.

The skin care program consists of three creams with the following benefits: moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, nutrition, protection, energizing, the beauty sleep effect and oxygenation. The moisturizing cream revitalizes the cells and increases their oxygen consumption, the Anti-wrinkle cream SPF 15 corrects the fine lines and the wrinkles and restores the skin microbiome balance, while the Anti-wrinkle nourishing cream stimulates skin repair and regeneration processes, hence restoring the natural beauty.

To relieve imperfections and fatigue signs, the Gerovital specialists created the Mattifying CC Cream, which improves skin’s barrier function for a balanced skin, and the Anti-wrinkle concealer cream, which gently protects the eye contour area and reduces wrinkles.

The Shine and vitality booster is a fluid serum, easily absorbed in the skin, especially designed for normal and combination skin, functioning as a cellular respiration stimulator and a complexion revitalizer.

The new Gerovital Plant products can be purchased from the Gerovital and Farmec brand store network, from www.farmec.ro online store, the Bacau franchise, as well as from pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarkets and specialized stores in the country.

According to the Nielsen company market research results on the product segment, the Gerovital and Farmec products place the Cluj producer as a market leader. Farmec holds a value of 29.7%, while Gerovital a value of 25.1%*.

Farmec relaunches Gerovital Plant –the new range contains natural ingredients and it provides a natu