Gerovital re-acknowledged as a Superbrand and as the strongest Romanian brand

Farmec, the largest Romanian cosmetics manufacturer, has recorded impressive results with its portfolio brands in top local brands charts. Therefore, due to the outstanding performance achieved in 2019, Gerovital has added new titles to its track record, such as 2019 Superbrand and the strongest Romanian brand according to the BrandRO chart.

“The Gerovital brand held by the Farmec Company is iconic, polished and raised with passion, innovation and trust in Romanian products, and these awards re-acknowledge the position of the Farmec Company at the forefront of the local cosmetics industry. We constantly prove we reinvent ourselves according to market trends and consumer needs, and we keep our genuineness by using local expertise and potential. We extend out thanks once again for these awards that bring us honour and also new responsibilities and challenges. The Farmec team is a dedicated family that puts in much effort, knowledge and passion to produce quality Romanian cosmetics that are appreciated both in the country and abroad. Our gratitude goes to consumers who believe in the charm and results of products that are 100% Romanian products, to our partners who work shoulder to shoulder with us and to all those due to whom the Gerovital brand is constantly reinvented”, declared Mircea Turdean, C.E.O. at the Farmec Company.

Gerovital has stood out in the international Superbrands programme, a project meant to present the strongest local and international brands that operate on the Romanian market according to reputation, quality, trust and differentiation on the market. Thus, the Superbrand status is reconfirmed by Gerovital in 2019, after holding it in 2015 and in 2017, and this position was secured by a set of outstanding attributes.

Gerovital product labels and communication shall be accompanied from now on by the “Superbrand 2019” stamp.

Moreover, Farmec is the only company participating with five brands in the top strongest Romanian brands chart, BrandRo. Gerovital ranks in the first position, Farmec in the seventh, the Triumf and Nufăr brands are on the 21st and the 55th positions, and the Doina brand is in the 63rd place in the TOP 100 of the BIZ magazine, based on an Unlock Market Research survey.

Gerovital performances this year : relaunching the Gerovital Men and Gerovital Plant product lines, as well as opening the Gerovital outlet franchise and a forceful expansion of brand outlets for a better coverage nationwide.

Gerovital re-acknowledged as a Superbrand and as the strongest Romanian brand