Farmec has started the production on biocides

Farmec, the largest Romanian cosmetics manufacturer, has started to produce biocides for personal and medical use. Following the recommendation of the World Health Organization, the active ingredient is alcohol in a percentage of 70% minimum. Following laboratory tests, the company has procured the required permits for biocides from the “Cantacuzino” National Institute for Medical and Military Research and Development, which confirm the virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal action of the products. Apart from their proven efficiency and fast action, the disinfectants provide a likeable experience, give off a pleasant smell and are safe for human health and the environment.

A novelty in the Farmec portfolio, the Dermofarm line hand and surface sanitizers are made with ethyl alcohol 80% v/v and they are specially made for healthcare facilities. The products are available for purchase in 750 ml and 5 l bottles. The manufacturing capacity for Dermofarm biocides is of approximately 700,000 units per month.

The first alcohol-based personal use disinfectant is the Farmec hand sanitizer lotion, which acts rapidly and is recommended for frequent use. The product is available in three packaging versions: 150 ml, 3 l and 5 l. The 150 ml lotion will be made available on all selling channels for the public at large: online, on www.farmec.ro, in the Farmec and Gerovital brand shops, in chemist’s shops and in supermarkets. The large volume disinfectants are marketed for collectivities, targeting companies and institutions, and quantities can be adapted to customer demand. The company can produce an estimated number of 650,000 pcs of these lotions on a monthly basis.

“In the current context, we have organized our resources and have adapted our production lines to prioritize sanitizers, disinfectants and antibacterials as a response to needs and demands on the market, especially to requests coming from institutions that are in the first line of defence in the fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. This ample production process has involved all specialists within the company and we use our best endeavours to procure raw materials and packagings that are needed to cover the market demand and to offer a fair price. Moreover, I hereby thank the members of the Ministry of Economy for their support in expediting the approval of biocidal products”, declared Mr. Mircea Turdean, Farmec CEO.

At the beginning of the novel coronavirus crisis, the Cluj-based company initiated the emergency production of two personal use Farmec hand sanitizers, a new Farmec antibacterial liquid soap, as well as of the Nufar general use disinfectant in an extended and more practical format, with a spray head, as well as in larger containers.

The no.1 priority for the Farmec company shall remain the research and development of new disinfectants, which are essential for public health during this crisis and to contribute with our expertise, manufacturing and distribution capabilities for the benefit of the Romanian population.

Farmec has started the production on biocides